Nobs Training Guide

This isn’t a 12 week body transformation.

This isn’t a #summershred.

This is no b.s.

Backed by science and 1,000's of hours of personal training.

Designed to make you succeed, not fail at the first hurdle.

what is it:

  • 12 week training programme via an app, covering 5 different elements - foundation, progression, strength, conditioning + hypertrophy (aka muscle building). The structure is designed to cover multiple energy systems and workout styles to progress all aspects of your fitness. We’ll work with you from the ground up, building you a solid foundation and help you progress step-by-step. This is a gym-based programme so you’ll need access to your local studio. However, we’ve purposely designed the workouts so you’ll just need a mat, some dumbbells, a barbel and a cable machine at best. (We hate waiting for machines too… especially when it’s not necessary.)
  • Accompanying PDF guide to help you learn the fundamentals of food and how to utilise it to reach your goals - whether that's strength, fat loss, reshape or just feeling bloody great inside. We directly address the misinformation in the industry - and help you make more educated decisions about what you put in your mouth. And better yet, feel completely guilt-free whether it's green or beige with sprinkles on top. It also comes complete with answers to common questions you might have along the way.

warning: this guide contains absolutely 0 burpees.

who is it for:

  • people who feel like they're putting in the work but aren't getting results
  • people who want a clear, progressive structure in their training sessions
  • people who want to learn the correct form and build confidence when working out alone
  • people who want to know the facts about nutrition and build a balanced relationship with food
  • people who are tired of the bullsh*t


  • the app: guided workouts via the Aflete app complete with tutorial videos, descriptions, workout-logging and progress-tracking
  • the guide: 70-page PDF guide complete with FFF-style infographics (of course.)
  • the group: the most support Facebook community you ever did see. Seriously. It’s weird.

your coaches:

  • Lucy, Qualified Personal Trainer + Professional Instagram Person: Usually found on the gram, Lucy works to battle the misinformation in the industry and empower *everyone* to live their best lives.
  • Dan, Certified Personal Trainer + Certified Sports nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition: Dan has conducted 1,000's of hours of personal training at one of London's top studios - and seriously knows his sh*t on nutrition.

oh, and one last thing:

  • This isn’t about my body.
  • This isn’t about the girls on instagram’s bodies.
  • This is anyone else’s body - but yours.

Let's do this.

Price: £35.00 / $44.85 / €39.43


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